Are you ready to hold continuous interaction with your traveling mind?

/Are you ready to hold continuous interaction with your traveling mind?
Are you ready to hold continuous interaction with your traveling mind? 2016-11-28T22:19:10-07:00

Talking with entrepreneurs that are in the traveling world looking how to get with an startup involved in this fascinating world that has a huge market, a lot of competition and a unique possibilities to create new ideas.

From one side you can see hundreds or thousands of sites related to tourism, for the other side, following the idea that the innovation only is feasible when you dig deep into a subject, I decide to mentor several startups and personally dig into the subject from the technical side, otherwise I believe that is going almost impossible to differentiate in any way.

The first step was to explore what is in the market, where we found great ideas about tourism that range from immersion day to learn to cook, to sites that create schedules for your trips to

Once you explore what is available, it is great to have a look into the future, we found papers like “Future world travel distribution and the customer experience in 2025” that provides a description of the full travel cycle from the desire to plan a travel to return home and share the experience.

Then I decide to image how to build interactive platforms to enjoy how you travel around the world o to explore how to build components to be used in any travel app or website. In the architecture developed we identify multiple elements that are required to develop any travel app, these elements are classified as:


  • From the infrastructure level, how to build it. You can start with a WordPress template or use a Linux based operating system, use Python as the development language, using databases like Postgres or MongoDB and use frameworks like Django, that has applications for managing content like DjangoCMS
  • Then, we created blueprints for the three stages to process information that are:
    • Capture – information about the profile of the people, identify locations and activities and connect with the elements of tourism like hotels, restaurants and logistics to build a data lake of information that can be used to help the travelers in their planning stage.
    • Process – information to provide recommendations and curated information to have a great trip from the planning stage up to the time than the travelers is on the go.
    • Display – UX/UI is a great opportunity to find the easy way to interact with the traveler in all the stages of their travel. From having notifications of news and places or activities to look at, to have a map with the full journey to be traveled till having an easy to capture memories that the will be shared with friends and relatives after the travel had finish.
  • The flow of information goes from the planning stage until you come back home and share the experience and recall your memories while you share your experience or look how to enjoy once again whatever you did.
  • As a fourth element, that is for consideration only for the developers is how to keep a way to develop continuously the application, tested in limited scope with selected users and deploy with all the users of the app.

Then the travel apps are not static systems, you need to keep working in enhances and new features to keep ahead of the competitors. The great exercise done while I am mentoring these projects is to keep a full dynamic learning of what is going on in three areas:

  • The business side of the application
  • How the competition is moving ahead to keep our business in the best position in the market
  • Find out new technologies and tools available to us to integrate into the product.

The best suggestion for new comers into this field is to create a good capability to build Prototypes to explore new ways of traveling and have the feedback of users that are open to explore their trips in a different way.

It is clear that traveling is changing very much and technology is opening a lot of elements to provide a much more personalized services to the travelers at any time. Just recall for you how many times you think about the next vacation or even more of your next set of vacations, then you realize that enjoying your free time is kept in your mind much more times that you figure out.

Let´s explore the way to improve traveling and identify the innovations that you can create to help people like you to have the best time in the next vacation or travel time.

It is part of your mindset today enjoy traveling. You can find all the activities that are involved in traveling at every single moment in your life.