2017, it is time to build your future today – follow these simple 3 steps

//2017, it is time to build your future today – follow these simple 3 steps

2017, it is time to build your future today – follow these simple 3 steps

We are reaching the end of the year, it is the time that we look forward in the future with a lot of ideas, in many cases much more than the ones that we can manage and execute. Then we need to figure out how we should pursue our dreams.

I have learned that to make things happens, I need to know the following things

  • What do I have in my own hands?
  • What the world needs and I want and I can bring it on the table.
  • How I am going to pursue it now.

Big plans requires a easy to follow roadmap, and this three points can be developed much more easy following this steps:

  1. Postmortem – take a minute to review the year in progress by using the military concept of the postmortem, where you ask three simple questions:
    • What did I did well
    • What did I did wrong
    • How I can make it better next time.

This three questions allows us to recall whatever we have done as a point of reflection, we learn from the experience, we find out that we need to be humble to acknowledge mistakes and create a positive thinking of doing better using our learning’s

  1. The biggest dream – ideas and dreams are cheap, we have too many available. You must prioritize them in order to invest your time, resources and energy in a wise way. Make a list of all and build your list with the three top priorities settled. From the list, assign time in your schedule to work in these ideas with a clear goal to achieve in the timeframe that you define. We are taking here for your next year in 2017. Set deadlines with a clear goal to achieve. It is time to write down what is each dream; using the concept “Remember the Future” you can create a story to be told next year at this time. With a clear goal, build your roadmap with milestones and share with your close network of people to make a commitment. Then you are ready for the next step.
  1. Focus in the action – you have goals, you set time and milestones. There is time to focus in the execution. You already invest the time to define what you want to do. Making things happens is a matter of discipline, focus and performance. Find somebody that can help you to report and recall you plan. It will help to have accountability; an easy way is to have a mentor or a coach to report what you have done. It is hard to evaluate by yourself how you had done. Talking to other people, make it easy and your nurture your humility.

I had to disclose with my readers, that building this action plan looks a simple thing for a person like me that I had mentored hundreds of people. But I have to tell you than I also have my own coach that push me all the time to be better, I appreciate the help of Agustin Santamarina, a long time friend that has been my coach since 2000. You never know how much is valuable the comments of other people until you realize that all of us we need to be playing dynamic roles, sometimes as mentor or coach and other times as mentee or coached person. Don´t be afraid to seek for your own coach or mentor. You will find tremendous value for the time that you invest in any side of the table.

The best part is making your postmortem session and figure out that you are every day a better person, that has always room for more goals to accomplish.

Now, it is your time to figure out it. – Do you need some help?

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