Are you looking to be part of the emergent ecosystem?

//Are you looking to be part of the emergent ecosystem?

Are you looking to be part of the emergent ecosystem?

Great new products come from companies that learn the needs and pains of the market, the question that a lot of entrepreneurs ask me is where you can find, discover, explore and validate what is hot and who is playing in a giving field. The needs arise from conversations with people that have the pain or want to build a solution or people that is in the field and share their thoughts that trigger ideas of how a problem can be solved in a different way.

Gary Shapiro mention in the article “Want Innovation – Go to a tradeshow” a good comment from Bill Gates:


Then looking how to develop ideas, entrepreneurs need to find events and understand: What is in and Event?

Marketing tools like Marketo track the following elements that happens around an event:


  • Generate leads
  • Customer engagement
  • Build Brand
  • Product education and training
  • Drive demand
  • Customer upsell

And the interesting question is how you can use technology to follow up all this elements. Some of them are very common features of CRMs and others require a most sophisticated tools to measure, foster and provoke. Then talking with event manager they are looking for ways to add into their own events in order to improve the value of the event and generate more traction with the participants in their events helping all the stakeholders like the visitor, the exhibitor and the support people of the event.

Learning the full supply chain you as an entrepreneur can play different games:

  • You can learn how to make more valuable the attendance to an event as simple participant
  • You can learn how to be a better presenters in the conferences and talks
  • You can use better ways of attract people to your both
  • You can design tools to help the people in the event from the exhibitor side or from the participant side.
  • You can develop tools to measure the value of an event. At the end the number of visitors, the amount of interactions, the amount of sales on the floor, and any other activity that happens in the event, around the event or after the event, should be very attractive to improve in order to keep the interest of people to come back for the next event.

I found that there is no to much information about the subject how to improve events, despite the big number of them. The limited amount of information is much less reviewed, it has very low audience. Therefore it could be a interesting underserved market to develop tools and methodologies.

Good examples of what is needed can be found in or their video channel that produces a couple of videos every, like:

Articles about the subject or tools to do marketing research companies that are producing metrics to help you like

It is time to think how to get into the event management and fostering of business? It is an opportunity to explore., you never know what is the future of areas like this that become trending subjects anytime.



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