Do I have a hidden treasure within my company?

//Do I have a hidden treasure within my company?

Do I have a hidden treasure within my company?

Are you aware of what do you not know about your company?

Talking with executives and managers of technology companies, I had found happy faces when we start exploring their success and failures that they have achieved a long their professional history.

This conversion often come when people is worry about the future of their company, when the competition is hitting them very hard or the economic situation in the environment is getting hard. At this time, people ask themselves what they can do to avoid bad times in the future.

Having this conversation while the company is in good shape is the best time to find new opportunities, capitalize acquired knowledge and expand into new ventures o reshape the way of doing business.

Usually companies that have been on the market for a while have good customers that have been asking for services that you had done successfully and acquire a good reputation. But, have you stopped for a minute and ask yourself what can be done differently to use the knowledge and experience acquired in order to provide a service to a large customer base, change the way of delivery your service from a custom services to an on-demand service? Or have you look that the way that you provide the service on-site can be done as Software as a Service or moved into a mobile app?

Surprising enough for me, is finding that when I ask to these executives how they created the capability to delivery the service, usually they do not remember how this happen. Therefore, they do not have any idea how to repackage the service into a new way. The main restriction that the people have is that they do not have a plan to invest in a new product, assign a team of people to develop the product and even to spend very little money to build a prototype and validate if the new way of doing the product is attractive and appealing to their customer base or similar clients that are reachable with some effort.

I love to have these conversations and explore how to create a small project like this and use all the buzzwords available in the market like lean startup, sprint design, growth hacking, etc. All these concepts are very useful, but to succeed you need to get in action, follow a plan and build experiments. Then it is time to get out of the building, jump into a new venture and execute your plan to convert your dreamed idea into a successful new venture.

Do you need a hand to make it happen? Let´s explore this idea now.




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