How to develop and idea from zero to make it happens

//How to develop and idea from zero to make it happens

How to develop and idea from zero to make it happens

Yesterday I had a great conversation with a old friend that share my same passion: — How to make things happen – Nelson and I had been involved in consulting, product development and creation of tools to manage software. Currently Nelson is one of the founders of A tool that provides AI-powered collaborative knowledge network that helps you to develop ideas and explore knowledge with open public or private groups.

In our conversation, Nelson and I talked about a lot of potential ideas from helping entrepreneurs to start their own business, to develop agile skills to medium and large organizations or to improve the way of doing innovations and fostering the creativity capability of individuals. After having a great conversation, I face the typical hangover of a great meeting. How I can make things happens after my brain was so much stimulated?

I went back into my office and seat in my desk, open my notebook where I wrote a lot of the ideas that we touched in our meeting. It is amazing that two full sheets of paper had so many ideas that are not organized, they have some connections with so many activities that I am doing with my customers and students. The challenge just came to be the focus of my afternoon. An time that extended for several hours searching for references about each one of the points that Nelson mentioned in our conversation, that implies to jump from creating learning paths to help people to achieve their goals, to figure out about content analytics to find with technology relevant information to some subjects like “The Future of Work” and identify what means “The Theory of U”, while a came across books like “The end of average”.

How in the world, I can find the time, knowledge and resources to take all these information and translate into something useful that I can apply to my day to day life. This is the kind of problems that I assume every people that work with knowledge face today. Ideas are there, opportunities can be lined out to explore them, but I need to figure out, which ideas I should pursue immediately and which ones should be kept in the idea warehouse to recover some time in the future.

I decide to pursue the idea to identify how to build Learning Paths for entrepreneurs, a subject that I had been involved very much all my life. I create a Collection in Declara to explore it openly with anybody interested in the subject – You are welcome to participate in the conversation – I went to Google to find some initial information to start the conversation, that in fact is an old collection that I decide to reactive for this purpose.

Now, I wan to figure out how much time I should spend nurturing this topic by adding new articles, add some comments and hold conversations in a way that I can learn how I can create a dynamic learning path that help people that I mentor.

I hope to figure out how Declara will help me to improve the way that I help people as well as to hold a place to hold related information.

Don’t wait to get into the conversation, we could discover a great new way of learning how we can help people to learn more.






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