Learning from the achievers

//Learning from the achievers

Learning from the achievers

This past week, I had a great conversation with Jorge Escobar, a great friend involved in the management of the San Jose Community College, we were talking about role models and references for success and how close are this people to our own life. I love the question and explored in my network of people looking for good examples. I can tell you when you have more than 7,000 connections in LinkedIn and close to 4,000 friends in Facebook this question could be hard to answer. I had been lucky to meet and keep a close relation with a lot of people that has achieve great success, then to decide whom I can use a as reference to share in the note had been a complex decision.

I want to mention that making decisions is the critical element to watch here, because choosing two reference was complex for me, I did not wanted to leave other peoples in my acknowledge for success and this is the issue. When you want to do something new, you want to learn from the achievers and there is to many thing to be learned that you need to keep you focus in what are you looking for.

In order to answer the question from Jorge, I decide to explore two cases:

  • A person that I meet in person about a year ago in an event, where I appreciate to Laura Gomez for the introduction @laura, another great achiever. The person is Rodrigo Santibañez, a Mexican that came to get his MBA in Stanford in 2010. Rodrigo learn when he was doing his MBA about different models of food distributions in other places like Japan and India that where very successful there. When Rodrigo and his partner explore the idea to start a company in Silicon Valley about this concept of food distribution, found that the people told them that was not going to work here. They keep nurturing the idea and decided to give a try adding a piece of technology to increase the chance of success. The two of them decided to start the idea the very next day they finished their MBA. Set a high goal of doing it in the next 60 days and move on. Today, as you can watch in this video, this is a great success six years later. Therefore, I take him as a great role model reference and somebody that fit in the Jorge´s question.



  • A second person Brett Wilson that started TubeMogul in 2007 came in the news this week with the announcement that the company will be acquired by Adobe, https://techcrunch.com/2016/11/10/adobe-acquires-tubemogul/ I recall the meet Brett long before he was thinking how to make a startup. He came to Berkeley to get his MBA degree focus in Entrepreneurship and develop a concept to the market. It is amazing how thing evolved for a company that help marketing departments to manage traditional advertising to a full support to develop the branding of companies.

How can you figure out, the entire things that you need to learn to be successful? As Jorge pointed in our conversation, there are a lot of great role models next to you where you are able to talk to them to get inspiration and support, the challenge for you is to develop you mindset to pursue a great idea since there is not the idea alone that will make you successful, is the way that you carried away your journey, jump over any obstacle and reach your desired goal.

We are teaching people how to learn from the achievers, but much more important is the need to develop your Minimum Viable Mindset to make you reach yours highest goals in your life.

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