TechBullying to foster your success

//TechBullying to foster your success

TechBullying to foster your success

A lot of people like to contact me to present their ideas and get some feedback about them. I like to do provide feedback; as well it is fun and rewarding. For the other side the point of view of one person, despite that can hold a large amount of knowledge about the subject or be as naïve that provide unqualified points of view it is almost impossible to use one point of view as a reference to make a business decision, therefore I had been looking how to provide the best feedback for each situation, therefore I came to ask people about this subject of “idea validation” and use the same approach that I want to provide to people to help them taking decisions.

From my experiment that you can follow in Facebook asking a simple question:

I am considering launch a service called ‪#‎TechnologyBullying as a mentor program to help people achieve great success. Are you interested?

The experiment consider the following elements:

  • A value proposition with a well identified name
  • Access to all my contacts in Twitter and Facebook
  • Invest time to hold interaction with people that participate in the following ways:
    • Provide a like – that means the message call their attention but we do not know more about the interest
    • Provide a comment – people than mention interest, suggestions, rejection or references to some pointers.
    • Share the question to other people to expand the rich of point of view outside of my original environment of friends
    • Execute an action call of visit a website and register to get more information.
  • Work in analyze the results of interaction that happens in 24 hours, where I got the following results:
    • 88 persons provide a like
    • 1 person share the information
    • un-quantified number of interactions and replies

With all this information is clear that a simple idea can have a lot of points of views that produce information that need to be analyzed and evaluated to get its real value.

Behind this experiment lies a process of interaction that requires skills to ask questions, to understand answers and drive interaction. These skills need to be developed by each person that want to validate an idea before launching a project to design a product or start an initiative to develop a program.

By using the #TechBullying method, you are able to speed up the learning required to find the product-market fit, evaluate the responses that you got and define new courses of action. During a session of #TechBullying you will hold interaction with people that fit the profile of your project and will be able to get in touch with people that can be potential investors, partners or customers.

At the end of each session, you have clear deliverables for validation purpose, new action items to be performed and a network of people that can help you in the next steps that you will perform.

Image created by: Bruce Cowan