The Minimum Viable Mindset

//The Minimum Viable Mindset

The Minimum Viable Mindset

On September 19th, 2016 I was invited to speak at the Americas Summit 2016 to share my points of view how all-great startups start their journey. Jesse Martinez, a leader in the Latino Entrepreneurial Environment in Silicon Valley, share the same passion that me of fostering people to create great companies.

I can tell you, I have been 12 years working this subject that I found fascinating as well as big challenge. For people from everywhere in the world starting a new venture is very complex. You face with a lot of uncertainty, hard decisions and a unknown reward that is at the end of the tunnel.

It is true that people that reach the goal can tell you a lot about it. It is great to create a product or service that is used for millions of people like the video games of or the software from where the founders of these companies have achieved great success, the journey has been far from easy.

Personally, I was able to develop data acquisition systems that automated electrical and water systems been a great satisfaction for me to see how the electrical utility of my country operated using a device that I was involved in the design and production. Being part of a company that is able to provide valuable benefits to the people is a unique experience. And it is much more rewarding to be the person that started the idea and converted into a real solution in the market.

Looking what is needed for you to become one of these persons that have great ideas and are looking how to develop them, tested in the field and start growing your own company, I developed a concept that is the Minimum Viable Mindset, it is the analysis that you need to perform for yourself to validate what is available for you to start your journey and to identify what is missing for you to become successful.

I invite you to review the presentation that I presented in the Americas Summit 2016 and explore how ready are you to move forward to be successful. Great times are in front of you, do not hesitate to free your dreams.

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