What is behind a click in a website.

//What is behind a click in a website.

What is behind a click in a website.

I am surprising how much we can appreciate how much effort and energy is behind our screens in the computer or mobile devices. When we visit a location like Chichen Itza in Yucatan or the Golden Gate in San Francisco, you are able to appreciate the great effort that was involved in building such constructions. Today with the technology, we use devices for everything, from learning, buying, watching news and much more.

All this revolution that we are living today, moves our attention into a flat devices that has some key and touch point where we can trigger almost everything, therefore I am interested in learn how much we are able to design things and build them. Appears to be that with a Facebook page or some prototyping software we can create a ecommerce store that will be hard for us to evaluate if it is the equivalent of a small retail store across the street or a full developed shopping center, at the end we have similar functionality of exposing a product, provide a way to pay for it and deliver the product to you.

In this sense, the current buzzword of digital transformation is all around us. Any people can use today a device to provide a solution and that solution can be as simple as showing a static page in a website or a more elaborated page that knows everything about you with based in your history of visiting the site, learning about your interest and providing you a very smart content that will allow you to learn faster what movie you want to watch, what article you want to read or what product you want to buy. This subtle difference between a simple page or fully machine learning based application, is no way that you can image what it takes to build and operate it.

This is one of the big challenges that I found today, who you can find the way to learn what it takes to build the next generation of knowledge based applications.




In my personal experience, I came back to learn once again how to do programming using the recommend tools to use machine learning. It has been a great experience, I experiment how to build an idea collector application, a simple app to capture ideas http://ideas.kinnevoinnovationcenter.com from idea to launched in Internet took me 2 weeks working around 4 hours every day, it means about 50 hours invested in using Python, Django, Postgres, Bootstrap, Github and AWS. It was a great learning time to see how, I can move step by step all the activities related from idea to running are needed to have fresh in my mind to work in bigger and large project.

I really recommend having you own pet project to keep your knowledge updated and dedicate time to keep learning how details are as important as the big picture.



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