What is next after being in a Executive Program in Stanford?

//What is next after being in a Executive Program in Stanford?

What is next after being in a Executive Program in Stanford?

It just finished the SLELP 3 program in Stanford. I had a great time working with two CEO´s that participated in the 8-week program and have a one-to-one conversation with 6 other participants at the last day of the program.

I love the excitement that you feel when the people is happy of been working as crazy to learn as much as possible. The Scale Up program teach people how to create a next stage for your current endeavor, therefore the end result is a plan how to move forward your company into the next level, then the big question that arrives when you reach your goal of finish the program is what is to do this new journey.

Been working with very motivate people has make me thing how should be the next step, that I want to share with you here, since this is a situation for the participants of the program as well as any person that looks for their next year goals.

  1. Take you dream goal an image it how it should be three years for now. Describe how your achievements will look like by writing a one page note, that I know as “Remember the future 2020”. Then break the journey in three milestones, one for each year to come. This milestones are SMART GOALS, focus in what you can measure for each year, like revenue, number of users, locations served, investment, etc.
  2. Take your first year milestone and write you draft plan describing what are you going to do each quarter and then focus in what will be done in the next 30 days. This is an approach to move forward in small steps. Having clear goals that have a clear metric will help a lot to you.
  3. A next step is to find the way to be accountable for your actions. This can be performed having your “Board of Director Meetings” that is implemented with a person that you can meet every week or month to review you level of execution. This person plays a role of being the observer and the police that watch from the outside how you are moving a long the way.
  4. At the end of each month, evaluate your accomplishment and reward yourself and the team of people that is part of your plan. Rewarding helps to motivate people and to measure your level of satisfaction of the job being done.
  5. Along the way, take note of all the ideas that came to you of things to be done, you should review them every quarter to find out how to adjust your plan for the future. These ideas are very valuable, because they are part of your learning experience. At the end, a plan gas a goal, but the way to travel the journey change a lot every day. Then focus in the goal, and be flexible in how to reach it.

I really enjoy comments like this one shared by my mentees in my LinkedIn inbox:


Yesterday, Annette said the following: Thank you Jorge, I really appreciate your terrific ideas!                 Annette


Then with your game plan ready, get ready to make things happen. Enjoy the journey and find out that you are able to scale up and reach everything you dream

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