What is the Minimum Viable Mindset to launch a global product?

//What is the Minimum Viable Mindset to launch a global product?

What is the Minimum Viable Mindset to launch a global product?

I have the opportunity to talk to the startup SHOPIKA in the initial phases of creation. The startup is from Guadalajara, Jalisco that is focused in the social e-commerce concept and looking to be launched first in Mexico and then in the global world.

The goal of our talk is to set the Minimum Viable Mindset(MVM) in the team that will launch the new product in a new environment: a global market instead of the initial local market than the people has been use do to it. This is a very challenging situation for everybody in the meeting, since the following scenarios has been identified:

  • The marketing, development and operations teams has been successful in previous endeavors under local conditions, they are confident of doing in a new environment is not going to be very much different.
  • It is a common sense that the budget considered for the local launching need to be multiplying for linear constants to do in into a bigger scale.
  • Launching a social e-commerce application is a learning experience in any location, since there is a relative new concept and the amount of unknown situations will be high any way.
  • The event where the product will be launched locally is very much the kind of event that the one that can be selected for the global launch.

After having a first round of conversation with the team, it became the next step, find out how much ready the people is to do move from one scenario to another scenario and validate is the MVM is right and ready to jump for the next step.

Then my role as facilitator to develop the MVM and set the conditions under the team will working to define the plan for the launching of the product 6 months after they launched the product.

  • First we analyze the potential reach of the new campaign, how much number of potential people can catch the attention of our product and will give a try. If you compare the largest audience of equivalent events in Mexico and in the USA like SXSW in Austin[1], TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco or New York or similar ones in the US[2] or Semana del Emprendedor in Mexico City[3]
  • From the available information from each one of this events, we can identify the profile of the people, the level of awareness in specific sectors and the real potential to reach valuable initial user that become a reference to spread out the word about our product.
  • How much is the coverage of each event in a way that been launched in the event is a point of reference to be read for people that did not attend the event and learn about our product.
  • What are the goals we can set after participate in the launching event? To focus on awareness of the product in the final consumer or to find potential partners or investors or positioning the new kid on the block as a disrupting participant in the industry?

The big discovery in a meeting like this is to find how big are the differences among each new element and condition between local and global issues.

Preparing the team MVM is critical for the success of the new endeavor in a way that the preparation to have a great performance requires the following elements:

  • Meet and talk with people in the two environments to find out the little details that are going to make the difference.
  • Prepare the team to handle new requirements in a best way to take advantage of the effort.
  • Budget time and cost needed for the new activity, it is amazing that the non-linear scaling of one situation into the new one, will make the difference to succeed or just have a great learning experience.

Learn more about building your MVM, it is going to be the critical element for a great success that you deserve.

For more information about SHOPIKA visit:







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