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A person like you is the one that change the world. Several times every day, you come out with an idea to pursue, you figure out that a problem that you have is the same problem that millions of people need to solve, but what happens with all this great ideas? You have to make a living, you are engaged with a day-to-day job and you find that you do not have time to pursue any of these ideas.

As usual, when we are approaching special days like Thanksgiving, Christmas our anniversary or any special event, we hold the time to think for a moment figuring out how our life has gone in the past and then we jump into the future. It is the time for you to come with new dreams for the near future, making plans for a long vacation, prepare us for retirement or just to have fun doing something new that will change the way we live, are you ready?

I love the board game Cashflow created by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, it teach you a great concept of focus your economic strategy in generate enough passive income to have the freedom to do whatever you like. You as an entrepreneur would like to make any of your ideas work to get a better income, improve your life or have all the time to do whatever you like?

Then, it is time to work in your Minimum Viable Mindset to reach your goals. The best way is to have a dream and work as needed to make it happens.

Lets go to define what I want to do next year. I want to create a company focus in developing educational applications using machine learning to develop personalized learning paths for executives to convert one of his ideas into a successful product. This goal is very much aligned with the current trend in the today economy where a lot of people is working as freelancer, holding contract jobs or having a very dynamic working environment that is required in the knowledge economy.

Learning is an activity that is never going to finish, every day we learn more to do new things and since there are to many new things, it is much more things to be learned. Appears to be, this is a virtuous circle that never ends. Then, it is a great place to be, learning to learn, to teach people to learn. Wonderful idea in one side as it is a scary situation in the other side. Been in a continuous learning process we face out that the situation that could drive us crazy, because we need to learn how to set feasible goals that are accomplish in a giving time, create a deliverable that is used for people and figure out if we want to keep going in doing the delivery of the product o we want to jump into a new endeavor to keep creating new things.

This situation is very common in startups that begin with an idea how to solve a given problem and develop this concept into a product using a broad set of techniques and methodologies to mature the product in the market and then scale the company to reach a large market and levels of growth.

The big question that a lot of people complain is that the rate of success of these new ideas is very low. Something that is has been hard to find how to improve a lot, therefore is a big opportunity in this field. In our approach we focus in a important element required for succeed, we called the Minimum Viable Mindset that is a set of elements that the person that wants to travel the journey from the idea to a success full company.

Learn form the experience of persons like you are transforming their life, while I go along with them in their journey.


The first step is to work in your ideas to develop as well as to set a clear goal. These are the two points of reference, where are you today and where do you want to do in the next 12 months. The ideas can be register in your own pool of ideas, as well as you elaborate a press release of your achievements in a document that we call “Remember the Future” that is a one page document that is write today with your mind in a future time, for example: December 20, 2017. You should elaborate the document in a way that you describe what did you accomplish that day and review the past one year. In this document, you must provide a clear description of each achievement with detailed information how it happens and what were the results with numbers that you did.

Then we will be reviewing what need to be done in between the two points in order to build your roadmap and set intermediate milestones. Then, you will be on the road to travel your journey.