Are you crazy, you want to create an Innovation Lab in your company?

by Jorge Zavala More and more we listen everywhere that we need to change the way we do business, how we learn, and how make new products or services because more people is creating new ideas and transforming the way we live. We have examples that start from companies like PayPal that introduce some time [...]

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Are you looking to be part of the emergent ecosystem?

Great new products come from companies that learn the needs and pains of the market, the question that a lot of entrepreneurs ask me is where you can find, discover, explore and validate what is hot and who is playing in a giving field. The needs arise from conversations with people that have the pain [...]

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What is the Minimum Viable Mindset to launch a global product?

I have the opportunity to talk to the startup SHOPIKA in the initial phases of creation. The startup is from Guadalajara, Jalisco that is focused in the social e-commerce concept and looking to be launched first in Mexico and then in the global world. The goal of our talk is to set the Minimum Viable [...]

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What is next after being in a Executive Program in Stanford?

It just finished the SLELP 3 program in Stanford. I had a great time working with two CEO´s that participated in the 8-week program and have a one-to-one conversation with 6 other participants at the last day of the program. I love the excitement that you feel when the people is happy of been working as [...]

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2017, it is time to build your future today – follow these simple 3 steps

We are reaching the end of the year, it is the time that we look forward in the future with a lot of ideas, in many cases much more than the ones that we can manage and execute. Then we need to figure out how we should pursue our dreams. I have learned that to [...]

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Is the life of starting up in your way?

World is changing and the opportunity to be part of the change can be around starting your own company, creating the desired jobs and produce some new products of services that the people is looking for and there is nobody making it. In the knowledge and share economy a lot of new things need to [...]

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What is behind a click in a website.

I am surprising how much we can appreciate how much effort and energy is behind our screens in the computer or mobile devices. When we visit a location like Chichen Itza in Yucatan or the Golden Gate in San Francisco, you are able to appreciate the great effort that was involved in building such constructions. [...]

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How to develop and idea from zero to make it happens

Yesterday I had a great conversation with a old friend that share my same passion: --- How to make things happen – Nelson and I had been involved in consulting, product development and creation of tools to manage software. Currently Nelson is one of the founders of A tool that provides AI-powered collaborative knowledge [...]

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