The New Ventures Manager – the key people to succeed

This is my third time that I am mentoring companies in the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leader Program, also known as SLELP. I can tell you that helping people to make more successful their company, exploring how they can find the hidden capabilities they have and do not know that will make scaling the company and [...]

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Learning new ways of learning how to teach

I am teaching a lecture to develop projects based in innovation in the Master in Business focus in Technology Innovation program in the Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara. The sessions of the program are carried over the weekend and I decided to use a mix format of lecture and workshops in order to provide the knowledge [...]

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Do I have a hidden treasure within my company?

Are you aware of what do you not know about your company? Talking with executives and managers of technology companies, I had found happy faces when we start exploring their success and failures that they have achieved a long their professional history. This conversion often come when people is worry about the future of their [...]

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The Minimum Viable Mindset

On September 19th, 2016 I was invited to speak at the Americas Summit 2016 to share my points of view how all-great startups start their journey. Jesse Martinez, a leader in the Latino Entrepreneurial Environment in Silicon Valley, share the same passion that me of fostering people to create great companies. I can tell you, [...]

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It is to hard to innovate — everything is already done

 I had a meeting with all the team that owns and manage a custom software development company that is looking how to make their company more valuable and enjoyable. The team integrated by 5 executives that has been on business the last 15 years complains that they face a tremendous competition in the market. All [...]

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