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The big dilemma about technical and business skills in new ventures

How much in common has: a) creating a new venture as a new startup, b) developing and launching a new product within an established company or c) launching a product or services in a new market segment or geography?

Any one of these choices has a lot in common, it is the time when the size of the teams are not big enough, there is not enough resources to accomplish all the ideas that are in mind and a lot of things need to be learn.


Build your dream, one step at a time

A person like you is the one that change the world. Several times every day, you come out with an idea to pursue, you figure out that a problem that you have is the same problem that millions of people need to solve, but what happens with all this great ideas? You have to make a living, you are engaged with a day-to-day job and you find that you do not have time to pursue any of these ideas.

As usual, when we are approaching special days like Thanksgiving, Christmas our anniversary or any special event, we hold the time to think for a moment figuring out how our life has gone in the past and then we jump into the future. It is the time for you to come with new dreams for the near future, making plans for a long vacation, prepare us for retirement or just to have fun doing something new that will change the way we live, are you ready?


Are you ready to hold continuous interaction with your traveling mind?

Talking with entrepreneurs that are in the traveling world looking how to get with an startup involved in this fascinating world that has a huge market, a lot of competition and a unique possibilities to create new ideas.

From one side you can see hundreds or thousands of sites related to tourism, for the other side, following the idea that the innovation only is feasible when you dig deep into a subject, I decide to mentor several startups and personally dig into the subject from the technical side, otherwise I believe that is going almost impossible to differentiate in any way.